OpenOcean is the widest-reaching DEX and cross-chain swap aggregator, as well as a Web3 middleware developer in the crypto space. Offering a suite of tools across 23 networks and 285+ unique sources of liquidity, OpenOcean is building tools for now and for the future. OpenOcean's Best Rate Swap function enables retail users to execute token to token swaps on the protocol. This function enabled projects like Defillama, Gnosis SAFE, Li Finance, Xdefi Wallet, BENQI, etc., to use OpenOcean's swap function API, SDK, and widget for swaps. OpenOcean's API powers arbitrage trading for projects like Hummingbot, Alpha One, and more. Their Cross-chain Swap function enables retail users to execute cross-chain tokens to token bridge and swap on the protocol. OpenOcean enables projects to provide cross-chain swaps using their API.