Just don't get involved with Bubblext. They're clever with their ads and scams, tempting you with winning trades. I even made some withdrawals, so it all looked legit initially. John Baker and his thieving assistants build up a nice amount in the account with winning trades and make it look successful, then try to get you to deposit more to join the VIP club. Eventually, when they decide they will not get any more deposits from you, the system places bad trades that lose you all your money. Then, some other smooth-talking joker from the finance department will get in touch, offering to buy back all your losses with their insurance against client losses. The first time around, they lost me 70k, and I foolishly bought back in to recover my account for 15k. How silly I feel now. I managed to stop the account from losing too much myself last time. Still, the second time around, when they placed massively losing trades going completely against the market, I was unaware and unable to stop the account's complete draining. I filed for a chargeback with Asset Poor Tech and got a refund. Although it is displayed as a real account, I guess that Bubblext has you on a demo, so it looks like your money, but they have already ripped you off and banked your money. Then they string you along for as long as possible.