I was with this broker called Trade Juice; considering their trades are all supposed to be copying and pasting, trying to get a successful trade is like trying to get a needle in a haystack. The system sends signals that do not make any sense. It sends a signal (buy), then three candles later the opposite (sell), and three candles after again the opposite (buy). Seeing all this, I asked for a refund, and they just sent me the FAQ saying that they do not offer refunds. It was a very bad and shady business; it took the concentrated effort of Privycript to recoup my investment, and it was a big hassle.

Trade Juice, which often does this, is also known as "Stop Hunters." With the help of a special type of software, TradeJuice monitors the client's business and manages the spread. This strategy is not limited to the use of specific software. In some cases, Trade Juice also hires specialized experts to carry out their fraudulent activities. The trick is ensuring that the client's business positions are quickly hit by a stop loss when the market price goes against their orders.

Many people think that a system/regulated broker is always good and will never catch the tricks of forex brokers. It is not true. In many cases, the license is used only by brokers to attract customers who register with the broker.

There are always fraudulent acts that can be committed without the knowledge of law enforcement agencies. Brokers can bribe regulators to cover up fraudulent activities. Some of the key figures holding positions in regulatory agencies are the owners of brokerage firms. Therefore, consider licenses and regulations as one of many important points.