My users can upload images to my site, images revolve around a product, I name the image file names after the product name.

What should I do when more than one image exists for the same product, for example, a user uploads a picture of their Nintendo Switch, the system creates a file called "nintendo-switch.jpg", now another user uploads a different picture of a Nintendo Switch, what should the system name the file?

I've considered numerical numbering: "nintendo-switch.jpg", "nintendo-switch-1.jpg", "nintendo-switch-2.jpg".

I've considered adding a hash to each image: "nintendo-switch-aso92jd.jpg", "nintendo-switch-87676as.jpg".

I've considered storing each image in it's own folder, corresponding to an id in a database and calling all the images the same name: "/22/nintendo-switch.jpg", "23/nintendo-switch.jpg".

Please note, there is no way for the user to name the images themselves, I just need a naming convention that I can code that is seo freindly.