I created a platform that has 2 parts that are strongly connected with each other.

The first part is a blog, the second part is a community Q&A system were users can ask and answer questions. Both parts of the site link to each other. Viewing a blog article about door handles for example will show related questions about door handles under it. Same for the Q&A pages.

The site is rather new, it's around 6 months old, so there isn't really and answer I can get from the data at them moment.

The question is if it's even worth investing time in the Q&A side of the site, or if I should focus just, or mainly, on the blog articles?

With the articles I can go more in depth about topics and answer multiple questions in one article, and with the Q&A posts I am answering very specific questions at a time, short and to the point, but can also go into more detail, which I feel could be a good ranking factor.

What do you all think is better?